Welcome to our TENS UNIT and TENS PADS website.

FLEXCOR pre-wired electrodes have been one of the leading brands of electrodes since 1987. They were developed to meet the needs of the TENS and EMS market, using only quality material and stringent quality control and manufacturing practices (ISO 9002). All FLEXCOR electrodes are manufactured in Minnesota, USA and FDA approved.

All FLEXCOR electrodes are designed with pre-attached lead wires (6" long "pigtails") and terminated with a 0.080" socket for connecting to the pin of the cable.

The Site also carries a line of carbon electrodes (with pin connection).

Also available in this site are TENS UNITS and EMS UNITS (sometimes referred to as TENS MACHINE and EMS MACHINE)

All TENS and EMS UNITS are designed with doal channels. You essentially pay once for two units. All have FDA approval for sale in the USA



  • self adhering, hypo-allergenic gel
  • multiple application
  • reusable from 2 weeks to 2 months
  • long (1 year) shelf life when stored in refrigerator or freezer
  • even distribution of electrical impulse
  • ease of application  


  • Dual channel
  • Small and light (size of cell phone)
  • Complete kit with 4 pads, manual, battery and case
  • 12 month warranty.

ALL orders will be shipped by AIR. FREE shipping for USA orders.  All International orders will be shipped by AIR for a flat fee of $24.00.